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Good luck with 'Spider-Man,' Marc Webb

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It’s an interesting move to hire Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) for a superhero franchise like Spider-Man. The accomplished music-video director has a refreshing aesthetic that will certainly differentiate his Spidey from Sam Raimi’s. But I can’t help but feel a little chagrined for Webb as he’s hurled into the deep end of billion-dollar franchises. For one, taking on Spider-Man just three years after the web-slinger’s last adventure is a thankless task. We haven’t even had a chance to miss our friendly, neighborhood superhero yet. Is there really a hunger for his immediate return? Many people dying to see another Spidey this quickly are probably craving Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’s Spidey, and anything less — or different — than that could be soundly rejected. Secondly, I worry about the magnitude of Webb’s promotion. Christopher Nolan established the formula for the highbrow reinvention of comic book pulp, via his Batman films. But at least Nolan made Insomnia in between his indie breakthough (Memento) and Batman Begins, proving he could direct movie stars (Al Pacino and Robin Williams) in a moderately-budgeted studio film. Webb’s budget on (500) Days, on the other hand, was reportedly under $8 million. Spider-Man 3 reportedly cost $258 million to make. That offers Webb a lot of room to get creative, but with great budgets come great responsibility. And pressure.

What do you think about Webb taking on the Spidey reboot? Is it safe to assume that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is on Webb’s short list of potential Peter Parkers?