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Ivana Trump inspires us to ask: what reality TV strip scenes do you love?

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Oh, England. Only you can give us moments like these. On the UK’s popular Celebrity Big Brother, 60-year-old Ivana Trump—God bless her—proved she was just as shameless as all those younger, svelter reality show contestants, and stripped down to her skivvies.

Of course, the purpose of this nakedness doesn’t really matter (for the record, it was for a life-drawing segment), but it made me think of all the other classic naked moments in reality television. We’ve got Richard Hatch on the first season of Survivor, Verne Troyer on The Surreal Life, and Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan on Rock of Love 2.

What disrobed reality TV star do you love the most?

Photo Credit: Robert Voets/Landov