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New 'Big Love' opening credits: Was it time?

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Whoa! I’d seen and lovingly spazzed out to the gorgeous Free Fall Like You’re in ‘Mad Men’ promo set to Interpol’s “Untitled” for HBO’s Big Love that came out in November, but totally didn’t expect it be the basis for an entirely new opening sequence during last night’s season 4 premiere. At first, I was all “Sensory overload Nicki and a wind machine I can’t process this I have to watch the show just start it stop this let’s go swap meet those birds!”

After a post-episode rewind, though, the opener ended up growing on me. The closeups of outstretched hands next to the titles (as well as the general “suspension” theme) reminded me of another favorite show ever, Six Feet Under, so God only knows what my night’d be without that. The visual experience was beautiful — just not what I’d associate with Big Love. You know, like figure skating.

Did you love the new opening sequence or should Big Love have stuck with “God Only Knows”?

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