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'Glee' viral videos

Here’s a list of YouTube tribute videos to tide you over until the show returns in April

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Nick Pitera’s ”Don’t Stop Believin”’ cover
Switching between male and female voices, he amazingly sings Glee‘s showpiece all by himself.

Flash mob in Rome
Teens suddenly begin dancing to ”Don’t Stop Believin”’ for a promo in an Italian shopping mall.

Puck’s personal tribute
Actor Mark Salling sings his own song about ”chillin’ on Glee” — with backstage footage!

”Single Ladies” pep rally
An actual high school football team reenacts the on-the-field scene. Sloppy, yes, but still very funny.

”Chipmunked” Glee
Favorites from the show get their vocals tweaked to hilarious effect to sound like Alvin & Co.