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CES: E-readers, 3-D TVs, and the cool screens of the future

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The annual gadget bacchanalia known as the Consumer Electronics Show continues through this weekend, but two types of technology have totally dominated this year’s showings: E-readers and 3-D TVs. But the weird, cool items that caught my attention? Transparent screens.

The big e-book readers that emerged this week are Skiff and Alex. (Oy, gadget names.) Skiff (pictured) is super light and geared toward periodicals, while Alex has an Android-based two-screen system, a la the Nook. Both Skiff and Alex use E Ink, which makes for easy reading — but lousy response time.

3-D TVs predictably took center stage this week, with Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic all unveiling their attempts at the latest technology — though nothing is quite ready to be on shelves yet.

The cool thing about CES, though, are the kinda out-there gadgets or options that probably won’t dominate the market any time soon, which is why I’m strangely drawn to the transparent screens that showed up on a few gadgets this year. The transparent OLED laptop isn’t anywhere close to production, but the IceTouch mp3 player — which has a 2-inch translucent screen — should be available in a few months.

Gaze into your gadget crystal balls, PopWatchers: What do you hope takes the tech world by storm this year?