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You say 'Yemen,' I say 'Friends'

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I’m definitely not the only one who, upon hearing the word “Yemen,” first thinks not of what is going on in the news but of that Friends episode in which Chandler had to pretend he was moving to Yemen to get rid of Janice. Right? And that’s okay, right? Right.

Related: Seinfeld fans are also one step ahead of the general populace because they already know that Burma is the same as Myanmar, should that ever come up. Thanks for all the cultural awareness, NBC in the ’90s!

For more Yemeni pop culture fun, watch Stephen Colbert explain why we’re talking about Yemen in the first of The Colbert Report‘s unlimited-part series, Better Know an Enemy, below.

I could watch that man randomly bring Snoopy into the discussion (I love how he starts drawing at the bottom of Snoopy’s ear!) all day. Actually, now that this video is on my computer’s default homepage, I just might. Make it happen, Barrett!