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'Chuck' returns Sunday! How are we going to make people watch?

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Good lord, I am excited for the return of Chuck.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Before moving to Mondays. Because changing days is really good way to get people to watch struggling shows. It’s almost hard to believe NBC is struggling with its ratings!

It’s up to us, Chuckleheads: How are you getting your friends to watch Chuck? The challenge with some shows is convincing people to stick with it or to give it a second chance, but one episode of Chuck usually does the trick. The hard part is getting them to watch that first one. My strategy is to bribe them with snacks, beer, and PG-13 nudity. Just kidding, Mom! I usually emphasize that it’s like the best ’80s movie ever, except it’s a modern TV show, or that it’s everything you ever liked about Seth Cohen minus everything that ever sucked about The OC plus espionage shenanigans.

Help a sister out, PopWatchers: How are we going to convince the uninitiated to watch Chuck?

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