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Exclusive: 'Ugly Betty' pretty close to Betty-Daniel romance

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Remember earlier this season… that near-kiss Ugly Betty choreographed for our title heroine and Daniel that we wrote off as a sight gag? Yeah, um, suddenly, it’s looking a lot more like foreshadowing. In fact, series creator Silvio Horta confirms for me that he may take a page from the show’s source material and explore a romance between Betty and her boss.

“We’ve been batting around the idea,” he confesses. “It is not outside the realm of possibility that something [could] happen, but we’re not sure yet.”

A lot of Horta’s indecision stems from the uncertainty of Betty‘s future. While he’s encouraged by ABC’s decision to move the show to a night when folks actually watch TV — Betty debuts in its new Wednesday timeslot this week — the creatively resurgent comedy is still fighting for its life.

At least if Betty does hang up her glasses for good in May, Horta is confident that ABC will give him time to script an appropriate ending… maybe even, as rumor has it, one that would allow Betty to ride off into the sunset with ex-love Henry (Chris Gorham). “I think there is a place for him to come back in some way,” Horta says. “But I don’t know if them being together at the end is what’s going to happen.”

Whomever Betty ultimately ends up with — Daniel, Henry, Gio, Matt or no one at all — one thing is certain: Half the audience will be seething. “There’s a chunk of people who won’t be happy with whatever we do,” Horta sighs. “You’re always going to piss somebody off.”

What scenario would piss you off? Or most piss you off? And which would make you cry tears of joy? Sound off below! And check out Ask Ausiello later this week for more scoop from Horta, beginning with an answer to this question: What’s up with Betty and Matt?