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'Survivor Samoa': And the winner is...

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After 39 days, 15 vote-offs, 4 hidden immunity idols found, 2 medical evacuations, 1 escaped chicken, and countless acts of bravado and buffoonery, Survivor: Samoa finally has crowned its million dollar winner. Is it raucous Russell, who burned socks, emptied canteens, and collected idols; Natalie, whose smartest move was to never question Russell; Jaison, who took a stand against Ben early in the game and then promptly sat down and let Russell do the rest; Mick, who was elected tribe leader and then led exactly no one; or Brett, who went on an immunity winning spree right when he needed to? Well, find out the who, how, and why right after the jump by clicking the “read full post” link. And the winner of Survivor Samoa is…

…Natalie White. The 26-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep from Van Buren, Arkansas trounced Russell and Mick in the final three, receiving five of the seven votes read by Jeff Probst (Russell won the other two).

The episode began with Jaison being voted out first after Brett won his third straight immunity. Brett’s luck finally ran out in the final immunity competition, however, as Russell bested him in a nailbiting statue-on-a-poll balance competition. The Silent Wonder was voted out, leaving a final three of Natalie, Russell and Mick. The jury, however, clearly did not care that Russell completely controlled the entire game and won the last, most important immunity challenge, instead awarding the million dollars to the person they simply liked more in Natalie.

Click over to read my complete Survivor Samoa finale and reunion show recap. And make sure to watch EW.com Monday for Survivor Talk interviews with both Russell and winner Natalie. (Watch Monica discuss her jury vote in an exclusive deleted scene below.) And for all the scoop about the next season of Survivor, make sure to follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. Now, tell us what you think? Was it a satisfying finale? Was Russell robbed? Did Natalie deserve to win? Sound off on the message boards and let us know!

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Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS