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I 'heard about the Morgans' and I have some new ideas for Hugh Grant...

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As an unashamed rom-com fan, I ignored the reviews and went to see Did You Hear About the Morgans? (horrible title!) on Friday – and let’s just say I had my fill of watered-down City Slickers jokes within the first half hour.

But moving on to the positives — for starters, Elisabeth Moss (our beloved Peggy from Mad Men) showed off a sleek modern style and a deliciously bitchy attitude as the assistant to Sarah Jessica Parker’s annoying character. And also, Hugh Grant was pretty lovable and had a few good lines that had me laughing two or three times. Sure he was playing the bumbling romantic British guy that we’ve seen him create over and over, but he was still good at it.

I can’t help but think Grant’s a good actor who’s been squandered in beneath-him material for the past few years. Anyone else agree?

I have three quick thoughts of what I’d like to see him try next:

1) Play the British love interest opposite – radical idea – a British woman. Not SJP, not Drew Barrymore, not Sandra Bullock, not Andie Macdowell. That way, his character’s accent and cute expressions and tea jokes aren’t enough to coast on, and we’ll have to see real chemistry between Grant and his leading lady. I know there’s an age difference, but I would die to see him playing opposite Emily Blunt in an acid-tongued comedy (romantic or otherwise).

2) Go darker again. Grant got some of his career’s best reviews as the self-obsessed Will in About a Boy. Okay, the film wasn’t pitch black, but he didn’t play that bumbling charming guy, he played a very flawed, egotistical, immature guy and he was great at it. Daniel in Bridget Jones’ Diary was more one-dimensional caddish, but even caddish is more interesting than foppish romantic.

3) Get some edgier material. I’d like to see him in something less frothy, say a George Clooney-esque political thriller or some kind of really well written indie film.  I can see the Coens writing a great leading role for him — even a rom-com in their hands would be a winner for Grant.

What do you think, PopWatchers? I know there are plenty of other Hugh Grant fans out there who will go see Morgans this weekend – so let us know what you thought of the film, and our leading man’s performance, in the comments below. And sound off about what kind of project you’d like to see Hugh take on next!

Photo Credit: Barry Wetcher