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Ryan Reynolds: Entertainer of the year

”The Proposal” star talks about his eclectic roles

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No. 7 – The total package

Congrats on being named an Entertainer of the Year!
Thank you! I humbly accept.

Do you feel appropriately entertaining today?
I’ll fake it till I make it.

Has that been the secret of your success: faking it till you make it?
It’s definitely a valid component worth mentioning, sure.

Which accomplishment are you most proud of from 2009?
Hosting Saturday Night Live. There’s a dream come true. I grew up watching the golden era of that show, and to be standing behind that door when they announce your name is a pretty amazing moment. Thinking of all those who had stepped through before me.

I’m sure just hearing [SNL announcer] Don Pardo say your name…
I know! I want to hear Don Pardo say something really mundane. Like, ”Pass the ketchup.”

You hadn’t planned for this to be such a big year. But in the long run, are you happy with the volume of work that fell out of you?
[Laughs] Sounds like a doctor eased it out of my very small masculine womb. Um, I don’t know what the hell fell out of me or why. It was just a good year. So much of it is manifesting luck into something bigger. I kept thinking of that word convergence.

You got the chance to show a range instead of being pigeonholed into one specific thing.
Ultimately it’s the greatest relief an actor can experience. It really is chance that I’m able to flow from one genre to the next and not be penalized for it in any particular way. Having Adventureland come out, and following that with a big giant action movie, Wolverine, and then having The Proposal do so well… It truly was just the luck of the draw that they came out in that order.

It’s too bad that none of your costars from those movies are having similar success.
I know. I really had high hopes for Sandra Bullock. But it turns out she’s just another one-hit wonder. And that Kristen Stewart, I really pictured great things for that young lady, but alas, she fizzled right out.

Were any of those costars extra-inspiring? Please say Betty White.
Betty White’s always inspiring. And man, can that old lady take a punch.

”I don’t believe in regret. It’s an absolute waste of time. There’s nothing you can do about the past.” — Ryan Reynolds