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EW's year-end TV awards

”Cougar Town” and ”Modern Family” are among our honorees

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1. Best Baby-Based Story Line
The gay dads adopt Lily on Modern Family

Worst Baby-Based Story Line
Terri’s fake pregnancy on Glee

2. The Biggest Anticlimactic ”We Waited a Year for This?” Award
Project Runway

3. Best Use of Inanimate Objects to Hide a Pregnancy
Basketballs, bags, and a bowl of chips — Alyson Hannigan used them all to hide her baby bump on How I Met Your Mother
Runners-up: Julie Bowen and her laundry basket on Modern Family, Ellen Pompeo and her bed on Grey’s Anatomy

4. The ”Was This Seriously Still on the Air?” Award
According to Jim, which finally signed off in June 2009

5. Best Use of a Cougar Since 24
Cougar Town

Worst Use of a Cougar Since 24
Accidentally on Purpose