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'True Blood' castings fill me with hope

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It’s been a busy casting week for True Blood, and it all seems like good news from where I’m watching: Alfre Woodard as Lafayette’s mom? Awesome. James Frain Tara’s vampire lovaaaah? Sure, let’s do it. A beautiful model as Eric’s new sexytimes buddy? My cup runneth over! You know, with vampire blood.

True Blood is its best when everyone has a meaty, long-term storyline going — otherwise, it’s just Sookie and Bill (I mean “Suhkieh” and “Beeyul”) out-drawling each other. Tara is way overdue for some pulpy, non-Marianne fun, and a creepy love interest might be just the thing…especially for those of us who were not Team Eggs. We already know about Tara, Jason, and Sookie’s childhoods, but our favorite line cook’s background hasn’t gotten the same attention. And any time there’s an opportunity for Eric to smolder or writhe, I will be first in line.

Which supporting character deserves more screen time this season, PopWatchers? I’m going to say Eric, because I have eyeballs, but I’ll put Lafayette as a close second.

Photo credits: Tina Gill/PR Photos; Frain: Sara De Boer/Retna