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The pop charts love (and Paris Hilton hates) Kesha

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How do you feel about your foulmouthed public image?
I just talk to and about men the way men talk to and about women. Any man on pop radio could say the things I say and nobody would think about it.

What’s with the dollar sign in your name?
It was me taking the piss out of the fact that I was broke while being on a No. 1 record [she sang on Flo Rida’s ”Right Round”]. I didn’t have enough money to buy a taco. One of my friends was like, ”Whatever, you don’t need money; you’re money.”

What inspired the P. Diddy reference in ”TiK ToK”?
I woke up one morning surrounded by all my hot babe friends. They crashed after a night out. I thought, ”This must be what Diddy feels like every morning.”

I hear you threw up in Paris Hilton’s house.
I sang background vocals for her second single. That night we went to her house and we were all dancing, hanging out. I got overexcited and ralphed in her closet. I thought it was a bathroom…and it just so happened not to be. That kind of ended the relationship right there. I wouldn’t want to be my friend either.