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Is it okay to ask for 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' clothes for Christmas?

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Now that NYC temperatures have dropped well below “bearable,” I cannot stop daydreaming about how much better my life would be if I was wearing Fantastic Mr. Fox’s cream-colored bouclé sweater. I saw the movie Sunday and really thought the obsession would go away around Tuesday, but it hasn’t. I don’t know what to do. I’ve also thought about commissioning fleece pajamas in the adorable yellow-based apple pattern of Mrs. Fox’s dress. It seems crazy, because they’re animals. But not totally crazy, because clothes are typically worn by humans, and so what if the most bangin’ outfits in my recent memory happen to have been worn by foxes? Back to crazy: I’m basically modeling my prospective winter wear after stop-motion carnivorous mammals. But! Those same carnivorous mammals modeled themselves after corduroy-suited Wes Anderson and enjoy guzzling spiked cider from the bottle. (Foxes: They’re just like us!) Have you ever lusted after the couture of animated creatures? Tell me I’m not alone. I feel so, so alone. Happy holidays.