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'Glee' preview clip from 'Sectionals,' which features a party...line

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We’re only a day away: Tomorrow night, Fox will finally air “Sectionals,” the long-awaited Glee episode in which New Directions will compete against other area show choirs. Let’s hope it’s a dandy because it’s the last one we’re getting until April. Based on the clip below — SPOILER ALERT — it appears that the gang is desperate to prevent Rachel from finding out the truth about Quinn’s baby, because then “Trout Mouth” will tell Finn, he’ll flip out, and New Directions will be, like, totally screwed at Sectionals. (Also in this clip: One of Brittany’s finest one-liners.)

And in case you haven’t seen them yet, check out our EW.com vids, especially the interview with Jane Lynch, who talks about the description of Sue Sylvester in the first script that sold her on this role:  “Sue Sylvester may or may not have posed for Penthouse, and is on horse estrogen.” If Sue’s on horse estrogen, what’s Brittany on? (Cat tranquilizers?)