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Dreamin' Man Live '92

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Dreamin' Man Live '92, Neil Young (Musician) | HARVEST DREAMER Neil Young
Danny Clinch

Dreamin' Man Live '92

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Neil Young (Musician)

We gave it an A-

In 1992, Neil Young’s Harvest Moon revisited the country-folk of his 1972 album Harvest. Dreamin’ Man Live ’92 resequences Harvest Moon and presents the songs in even starker form — in concert, with the singer accompanied only by acoustic guitar, banjo, piano, and harmonica. The lack of ornamentation suits the album’s themes, as the narrator wrestles with reconciling his youthful ambitions with middle-age reality. ”Old King” is still corny, but mostly this is a melancholy beauty, a meditation on faded love and a fading planet. A-

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