Tanner Stransky
December 01, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

During the week ending Nov. 29, when ABC’s reality juggernaut Dancing with the Stars crowned its big winner (that’d be Donny Osmond), the series also finally landed itself on top for the first time this season. The Monday performance episode was the top audience-draw of the week on the broadcast networks, pulling in 20.4 million pairs of eyes—right above that of usual top show, CBS’ NCIS, which attracted 20.3 million viewers. Dancing‘s results episode on Tuesday—the bloated, two-hour event that actually awarded Osmond the mirrored trophy—came in at No. 3 with 19.3 million viewers.

Rounding out the Top 5 were NBC’s always-strong Sunday Night Football at No. 4 with 19.2 million viewers and CBS’ freshman spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles at No. 5 with 17.2 million viewers.

Among the rest of the shows in the Top 20, there were only two truly interesting entries. First is ABC’s new docu-reality series Find My Family, which had a strong premiere with 12.8 million viewers to tie its network sibling Desperate Housewives for the No. 11 spot. A little bit lower in the Top 20, you can tell we’re headed toward the holidays, as CBS’ new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, A Dog Named Christmas, made its debut at No. 15 with 12.4 million viewers. Definitely not a bad showing for a TV movie on a network these days. The rest of the Top 20 is loaded with comedies (The Big Bang Theory) and procedurals (Criminal Minds) on CBS, Fox’s House, and ABC’s Castle, among other usual suspects.

The rest of the Top 20—complete with viewership totals—can be found after the jump.

1. Dancing with the Stars Monday | ABC | 20.4 million

2. NCIS | CBS | 20.3 million

3. Dancing with the Stars Tuesday | ABC | 19.3 million

4. Sunday Night Football | NBC | 19.2 million

5. NCIS: Los Angeles | CBS | 17.2 million

6. 60 Minutes | CBS | 14.4 million

7. The Big Bang Theory | CBS | 14.1 million

8. Two and a Half Men | CBS | 13.9 million

9. Criminal Minds | CBS | 13.6 million

10. CSI: Miami | CBS | 13.2 million

11. Desperate Housewives | ABC | 12.8 million

(tie) 11. Find My Family | ABC | 12.8 million

13. CSI: NY | CBS | 12.7 million

14. The Good Wife | CBS | 12.5 million

15. A Dog Named Christmas | CBS | 12.4 million

16. House | Fox | 12.0 million

17. The Amazing Race 15 | CBS | 11.6 million

18. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition | ABC | 10.4 million

19. Castle | ABC | 10.3 million

20. Survivor: Samoa | CBS | 9.9 million

Source: Nielsen

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