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'Glee' gone until April, then up against 'Lost': What did we do to deserve this?

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Fox announced its midseason schedule yesterday, and amid the excitement about Idol and 24‘s returns, one major piece of info seemed to get lost: There won’t be any new Glee episodes between December 9 and April 13. Uh, slushie-in-your-face, Fox! What the what?

When it returns next year, Glee will be moving to Tuesdays, where it’ll have a small upstart indie series called American Idol as its lead-in. (This means it will basically never start on time.) But something else is on Tuesdays at 9. Something else I love. Something people are pretty into, something that’s about to end, something that inspires obsessive, intense viewership: Lost.

Lost vs. Glee, you guys. This is like choosing between coffee and beer. Why is life so unfair? I guess God is punishing me for my wickedness.

I don’t think any of us are going to give up on one of these shows — don’t even think it! that’s how the Evil Eye gets you! — but I’m wondering which you’ll DVR for later, and which you’ll watch right away. What’s a more pressing show: Lost or Glee?