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'True Blood' busts: Bite?

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Finally, I can act out my Eric/Sookie scenes with something marginally more than my imagination: True Blood “busts” are in production and should be available over the summer. You can buy Eric, Bill, or Sookie, plus a Merlotte’s sign. The figures cost $69.99 and the sign costs $89.99, which… seems like a lot? Kind of?

If I’m going to pay $70 for a statuette, I want a full-body option so I can dress it in Barbie clothes so I can make Slezak put it in “Doll Bachelor” so it doesn’t disrupt my careful height-order system for desk dolls because I just do, that just makes more sense, jeeze, get off my back already. They’re limited edition and all, though, so there’s that.

Man, I miss True Blood. Would you shell out for this statues, PopWatchers, or are you biding your time in other ways?