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Julie & Julia

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Julie & Julia | UPPER CRUSTACEAN Amy Adams meets her match in Julia & Julia
Jonathan Wenk

Julie & Julia

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We gave it a B-

Julie & Julia is half of a great movie. Meryl Streep is deliciously zesty as the larger-than-life chef Julia Child — the woman who brought fine cuisine to the masses decades before Top Chef turned slicing and dicing into a populist spectator sport. And Stanley Tucci is aces as her adoring husband. Too bad their beautiful love story keeps getting interrupted by Amy Adams’ Julie Powell, a whiny drip who blogs about her quest to cook her way through her idol’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Think of writer-director Nora Ephron’s film as a soufflé that collapses under the weight of its own gimmicky structure. EXTRAS include a commentary from foodie Ephron and a ho-hum behind-the-scenes feature. As for the film, it deserves two grades: Adams’ Julie earns a C- and Streep’s Julia earns an A-.

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