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Best Food Writing 2009

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Holly Hughes, Best Food Writing 2009 | Best Food Writing 2009 edited by Holly Hughes

Best Food Writing 2009

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In Season
Da Capo Press
Cooking/Home, Fiction

We gave it an A

With 50 delectable essays on everything from sustainable farming to Spam, the latest installation of the Best Food Writing series is less a literary meal than a stuff-yourface feast of gourmet journalism. Holly Hughes, a veteran food writer herself, does a commendable job of mixing high- and lowbrow in her sources (The New Yorker, Web forum eGullet.org) and subjects (wine forgery, Fluff) in Best Food Writing 2009. But all the pieces have a common ingredient: an insatiable, contagious curiosity about all things edible. And as if that weren’t enough, their bite-size proportions even seem to anticipate your inevitable need for snack breaks. A

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