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Tina Fey revives Sarah Palin impression in Ad Council speech

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If you’re in Lesbian Yellow Sourfruit withdrawal a mere 14 hours after last night’s 30 Rock — or if you just want to hear Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonation for a few seconds at the end (“[Speechgiving]’s not that hard. All your ideas are in these glass things!”) — watch her introductory talk at the 2009 Annual Ad Council dinner from Wednesday night. She pokes fun at her own fourth-place network, claiming that “if everyone in this room would watch NBC for one night, it’d be a 40 percent increase.” Too bad there wasn’t a green peacock in the corner of the screen for her to mock, too! If nothing else, you’ll be left with a burning desire for Welch’s grape juice, a McGruff the Crime Dog t-shirt (plenty of which already exist), and Spice Channel in your office.