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'Project Runway Talk' with Carol Hannah: 'I don't think I've been that depressed in a really long time'

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She didn’t trash talk. She accused no one of cheating. She never indulged in gratuitous self-aggrandizing. In fact, unless you consider crushing out on the hot guy or barfing on camera as high-stakes drama (okay, well the last thing kinda is), it’s fair to say that Carol Hannah sailed through her season remarkably crisis-free. The self-taught designer from Charleston, S.C. made it all the way to Bryant Park with her head down and her mind focused on one thing: her work. Well, and maybe a little bit on Logan, too.

As Dalton and I learned this morning, season six’s third-placer is every bit as level-headed off the Project Runway set. Sporting a new set of bangs (a suggestion from Logan!), Carol Hannah chatted with us about everything from being told she has the psychological profile of a man, to making goo-goo eyes at Logan in the workroom, to feeling massively depressed while designing her final collection last winter. Click below for the goods. Then check out our chat with Althea (CH’s new roomie!) and of course, our grilling of Irina.