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'New Moon' morning TV roundup: Robert Pattinson officially proud of his abs, Regis Philbin officially Team Jacob

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Could Taylor Lautner have surpassed Robert Pattinson in popularity overnight? If you caught Lautner on Today and Live with Regis and Kelly this morning, you might think so. He was greeted by louder screams than Pattinson, both in the Plaza, where Today made Lautner sign autographs before Matt Lauer got him to admit only that he was blushing when Taylor Swift gave him a shout-out on Saturday Night Live, and in Live‘s studio. I suppose Team Edward could argue that Today simply figured out a better place to put their microphones this a.m., and that the audience fed off of Regis Philbin’s clear bias: “You see, I would always rather be a werewolf than a vampire. Love the werewolf. The full moon comes out, and all of the sudden your clothes pop off, and there you are, baby.”

Pattinson, however, proved he’s still The Man during a pre-taped interview with Ellen DeGeneres that aired today. He had to wait more than a minute for the screams to die down. This was Pattinson at his most relaxed, sharing stories about crazy fans: A woman handed her baby to a production assistant on the set of the first film so it could be taken to the cast and photographed with them; A woman at a signing asked him what she could do to capture his attention and, since he was bored, he suggested she take off her clothes — which she began doing until security escorted her out. He shot down a press report that quoted him saying he was proud of his abs. It’s something he would never say…until he saw New Moon on the big screen. “That’s the first time I’ve ever been proud of my physical appearance in my entire life,” he admitted. He laughed when Ellen showed baby pictures (blond!) and shots from his early modeling days. (“I didn’t realize you could show that one on daytime TV,” he said of an artistic crotch shot.) He also told Ellen that he wants a house in L.A., but isn’t sure how you look for one in a secret location when the paparazzi follows you. She offered to house hunt for him, and meant it. She should definitely film that escapade.

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