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'V' Week 3: Better or worse than last week?

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In one week, we will gather here to discuss the calendar year’s final episode of the brand new V. You might want to dress in dark colors, because our meeting might take on the mournful tenor of a wake. ABC will reportedly make a decision on ordering more episodes of the sci-fi reboot based on ratings and audience reaction to this first “pod” of episodes. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’d say it’s a toss-up. Last week’s episode was mediocre but last night’s episode was an improvement. I enjoyed the mounting intrigue about the Vs—their 20-year history of human infiltration, their addictive, possibly mystical “Bliss,” their uncanny knack for media manipulation and their nifty video camera coats. I want to know more about this mythical John May and the doomed history of the original Fifth Column resistance. Ryan, the reptilian extra-terrestrial in disguise determined to stop his species from doing whatever it is they intend to do with Earth, morphed into a dangerous, cold-blooded rebel leader. His pal Georgie, something of a raving wahoo in the pilot, took on tragic pallor (we learned his family had been killed by the Vs) and became infinitely more interesting. And Anna and Lisa are mother-daughter! I wonder what the family resemblance looks like underneath their respective flesh-suits.

Yet V is much better at suggesting rich stores of mythology than actually telling stories. I totally predicted the big twist in the episode’s assassination plot the minute the storyline it was introduced… which is to say, last week, during the previews for last night’s episode. Yep, it was that obvious. And I have to agree with Ken Tucker: that Tyler-Lisa storyline is all kinds of painful. I want to skip ahead to the revelation of purpose behind Lisa’s seductive mission and be done with it. The biggest problem remains its human leads: Chad, Father Jack, and Erica remain uncompelling. If V has a future, they’ll each need an injection of Better Writing, ASAP. I’ll have more to say in my recap, posting later. What were your thoughts? Encouraged or discouraged by V: Week 3? Do you see this show having a future? Get to it below!