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'30 Rock': The best Kenneth episode ever?

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If there’s been a better episode for Kenneth in 30 Rock history, I’d love to know: From the backwards-talking to the bizarre fury, this was Jack McBrayer’s finest (half) hour. But “The Problem Solvers” had a lot of good parts, particularly this bit from Jack, which needs to be made into a .gif right now:

Onward to the best 10 lines from “The Problem Solvers!”

“By Lesbian Yellow Sourfruit” — Liz, who looks exactly okay

“I hope he likes janitor hugs,” and “He looks like all the guys in my magazines.” — The Janitor, who is a living lesson in the fact that there are no small parts, only small actors

“Spittake! Are you serious?” — Liz, who just ate a weird panini

“I feel about as useless as a mom’s college degree.” — Kenneth, who helps Tracy brush his teeth

“Raise your hand if you’re cool with what’s happening!” — Liz

“Representing humans and monkeys…” — Simon, whose third potential contact was “to be determined w/research”

“So what if Kenneth’s bitter? He’s an underhuman!” — Jenna, whose face has changed naturally

“Then who’s gonna host Top Chef? You’re ruining my life!” — Liz, who’s probably jealous of Padma’s sandwich bag invention

“Who said I’ve been alive forever?!” — Kenneth, in easily the best Kenneth moment of all time

“Nine hours/A few minutes” — Tracy and Jenna, who’ve been here for how long?

Okay, PopWatchers, do you want to do business together? What lines were your favorites?