Michael Ausiello
November 11, 2009 at 04:30 PM EST

Has news of Eastwick‘s cancellation left you wanting to saw the president of ABC in half? You’re not alone. “I’m pretty furious, too,” vents executive producer Maggie Friedman. “We have such an amazing group of writers and actors — best people I’ve ever worked with. None of us can believe this is really happening.”

Adding insult to injury, the network pulled the plug so abruptly that Friedman won’t have a chance to tweak the 13th episode to give fans any of that magical closure stuff. “We’re smack in the middle of several insanely juicy stories,” Friedman sighs. “And so we do not get a chance to wrap things up in a bow. Which is killing me.”

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that the remaining episodes are expected to air as planned. “I believe [ABC] is going to air the rest of our run,” says Friedman, “and I think people should tune in anyway because our best episodes are in there. We were really hitting our stride.

“The magic was getting crazy, the storylines were getting really exciting and sexy and dangerous,” the exec elaborates. “I [just] wish we could’ve given the fans — and ourselves — real closure.”


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