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Which TV break-ups have you championed?

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friends-how-met-mother_lThose of you who watched How I Met Your Mother last night are aware of the sitcom’s latest revelation (SPOILER ALERT): Barney and Robin have officially parted ways. I, however, won’t be breaking out the Kleenex anytime soon. Why? Because the break-up was, well, an awesome move on the writers’ part.

Let’s face it: As much as we loved the idea of our Barney becoming a warm-and-fuzzy relationship guy, it’s become fairly obvious that HIMYM is just not the same without the suit-wearing, tall tale-telling cad we’ve grown to know and love. And Robin just isn’t the same when tied down to relationship-heavy plot points. So, as I quietly celebrated the end of that short-lived era, I began thinking about other TV break-ups that weren’t too hard for me to swallow.

A few examples: I was pretty stoked when Ugly Betty‘s Henry and Betty separated — a zit-plagued prepubescent is less awkward than that relationship — and didn’t really bat an eyelash when Jack and Kate ended their relationship on Lost. (Or have they really?) And who didn’t pivot in celebration when Ross and Emily finally broke up on Friends?

Your turn, PopWatchers. Which TV break-ups have you championed? And which were just too-hard to do? (Worst break-up ever: The Office‘s Michael and Holly. No?)

Photo Credit: Friends: Rex USA/Everett Collection; Mother: Cliff Lipson/CBS