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Perhaps Germany appreciates Liz Lemon after all

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It’s no secret that EW loves 30 Rock and has, quite literally, since Day 1. Which is why we were so surprised by reports earlier this week saying the NBC comedy earned a zero rating (less than 5,000 viewers) in its German debut on Sunday night. So surprised, in fact, the current issue of Entertainment Weekly mentions it on the Bullseye page, where we say the low rating is “another lapse in judgment on Germany’s part.”

Well, turns out that zero rating may have made a helluva headline, but it wasn’t quite fair. You see, yes, it did earn a zero when it debuted on Deutschland’s ZDFNeo digital network last Sunday — BUT (big “but” here), that ignores the fact that 30 Rock was already airing on Germany’s TNT. It stands to reason people watching on one network wouldn’t head over to a different channel for an episode they already saw. What’s more, looks like some 30,000 viewers tuned in to channel ZDFneo Wednesday night to watch the second episode (quite possibly because of all the hubbub over that nasty, headline-grabbing zero rating during the first episode).

So, in short, we want to apologize to our dear 30 Rock for ever doubting its cross-border appeal. If they have TV in space, aliens are no doubt laughing at Jack Donaghy. But more importantly, we want to apologize to Germany for doubting that the folks who gave us Stromberg, a German version of The Office, were anything other than a humorous, judicious people.