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'Food Inc.' now on DVD and Blu-Ray: Will it ruin your appetite?

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When I saw Food Inc. this summer, it was the first experience in which a movie actually changed my lifestyle. I’ve seen my fair share of docs -– Fahrenheit 9/11, Super Size Me, America the Beautiful, and American Teen, among others -– but after watching Food Inc. and its graphic portrayal of chicken coops, meat processing centers and alarming stats about corrupt agriculture practices, I quit meat cold tofurkey.

Before seeing it, I called myself a “flexitarian,” meaning I dabbled in meat here and there, but I was pretty much a vegetarian. But since the movie, those images (I’ll be vague so as to not ruin it for the carnivores) are now seared in my brain and it’s hard to look at meat the same way. I know the movie discusses the heinous practices of soy and corn production, too, but for me, it was the meat stuff that really got to me.

Now that the documentary is on DVD, and more importantly, Blu-Ray, would the faint of heart or ignorance-is-bliss crowd really want to see the harsh reality in hi-def? What other movies shouldn’t get the HD treatment?