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Exclusive: Addison and Mark reunited in 'Grey's,' 'Private' crossover event

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greys-anatomy-dane-walsh_lIn what has become something of an annual tradition, Private Practice‘s Kate Walsh is heading back to Grey’s Anatomy in early January to play a key role in a top-secret crossover event involving Addison, Mark, and that blond chick from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Want to know more? Then keep reading. Everyone else, make a mad, tramplin’ dash for the nearest exit!

Okay, here’s the sitch: In the Grey’s half of the crossover, Mark summons Addison to Seattle Grace to perform a surgery on TBCFTSCC (a.k.a. Leven Rambin). The storyline spills over into Private when, according to exec producer Shonda Rhimes, “complications arise and Mark ends up taking [her] back down to Los Angeles to get more surgery.”

What’s Mark’s connection to TBCFTSCC? Will sparks fly between lovers-turned-friends Addison and Mark? And what impact does this crisis have on “Mexie”? Answers to all those questions (as well as a few others) can be found in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale tomorrow. Come on, don’t make that face. You know you love it when I shamelessly cross-promote.

PHOTO CREDIT: Dane: Randy Holmes/ABC; Walsh: Karen Neal/ABC