October 31, 2009 at 02:00 PM EDT

Many of you P-Dubs have already been immortalized in our Halloween Party! 36 of Your Coolest Costumes gallery, but we’ll be updating it come Monday, so send in your 2009 costumes this weekend. Become a fan of EW on Facebook and upload an image of your pop culture-themed costume (we don’t care if you’re a sexy witch, but Sexy-Or-Not Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty = totally different story) to our “Just Fans” section for the chance to be featured on EW.com next week. Please include your full name, your hometown, and what the heck you’re dressed as. Be safe, snack hard, and trade your Reese’s whole cups with your little sister’s gross bite-size Mounds when she’s not looking. I mean, duh.

More Halloween! Boo.

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