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Music Video Hits and Misses

See what we thought of videos from John Mayer, Alicia Keys, Adam Lambert, and more

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John Mayer, ”Who Says”
Who says the life of a rock star — sexy entourage, late-night pool parties, nubile young things dancing on banquettes — is just a mask for acoustic ennui? John Mayer, that’s who. B

Leona Lewis, ”Happy”
Here comes the bride! Maybe! The chanteuse finds amor in Cuba, but things are not what they seem in this shamelessly Harlequin-esque, muy engrossing romance. A-

Alicia Keys, ”Doesn’t Mean Anything”
One minute you’re living it up in your swanky NYC high-rise; the next it all dissolves into vapor and you’re stranded in a CGI desert. As a real estate metaphor, fascinating. In a music video, not so much. C+

Adam Lambert, ”Time for Miracles”
Who else can stride through fire, rubble, and other end-of-the-world detritus with nary a smudge to his doomsday-proof guyliner? The Idol star delivers all the bombastic camp required in his operatic power ballad from the upcoming disaster-porn flick 2012. B+

Lily Allen, ”Who’d Have Known”
An obsessed Allen lures ”Elton John” to a secret lair and ties him up (shades of Misery, minus sledgehammer shenanigans). But why does her Rocket Man stand-in look like Truman Capote in a wig? B-

Taylor Swift, ”Fifteen”
Swift’s poignant recounting of teenage vulnerability receives a reverential, almost painterly treatment (fireflies, blossoms, moonlight). Alas, the impact of lines like ”Abigail gave everything she had/To a boy who changed his mind” gets a little lost in all that dreamy set design. B