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Most wanted (and unwanted) posters

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While it may not spell out the inner-city drama’s harrowing story, this is one of the most striking one-sheets in ages. The bold brushstrokes imply that the woman behind them is still a work in progress, easily overlooked. Then you lean in to see the charm on her necklace, and it’s the title. Stunning. A

Savage, sleek, and sexy, this poster knows exactly who its target audience is, and exactly what they want. Plus, the tagline — ”Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it” — sounds like it was written by Yoda. Now if only the film’s star, Korean pop sensation Rain, could get his entire face on the bloody thing. B+

Nothing says Charles Dickens like a motion — capture Jim Carrey in a tattered nightshirt, rocketing over 19th-century London, straddling a — well, we’re not quite sure what that thing is, but it looks more Harry Potter than Dickens. That may be the idea. At least Big Ben appears to be historically accurate. C+

Rather than sell this sci-fi film’s intriguing concept — push the box’s button and you get a million bucks, but kill off someone you don’t know — we get half of Cameron Diaz’s befuddled face covered in a fuzzy red stripe. It’s so generic, it could have been the poster to some late-1980s erotic thriller. C-

When your film stars George Clooney, it’s risky not to put his face front and center. But this poster suggests his mug isn’t necessary; from the clean type to the clever tagline (”The story of a man ready to make a connection”), it deftly conveys the film’s tone, yet leaves you wanting more. A-