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Oscar roundup: October 23

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Part of me just wants to skip this week’s roundup altogether, since the only film with any awards hopes whatsoever is Amelia. And even that is seeming more like a stretch with each review that comes out. But let’s run down its chances anyway.


Best Actress, Hilary Swank: She’s certainly an Academy favorite, and biopics are the best way an actor can catch voters’ attention. But ouch, those reviews!

Best Supporting Actor, Richard Gere: He’s never been nominated (despite winning a Golden Globe for Chicago). And I’d say he’s the best thing in the movie.

Best Original Score, Gabriel Yared: Like Swank, he’s also a past winner (for The English Patient). And his swelling is score is a large part of the film’s epic feel. But ouch, those reviews!

Best Cinematography, Stuart Dryburgh, and Best Costume Design, Kasia Walicka-Maimone: Say what you want about the weak script and some stiff acting. The movie still looks spectacular.

Long shot

Best Picture: A talented director, a great period look, a prestige cast. It seemed Oscary months ago, and some older voters might still cotton to the film. But…well, you know.