Leah Greenblatt
October 22, 2009 AT 10:03 PM EDT

You haven’t seen the last of Betty Draper’s golden globes — new outtakes from this month’s GQ cover shoot with Mad Men‘s January Jones have surfaced, and they do indeed seem designed to drive men mad.

There’s no doubt that Jones has a spectacular body beneath Betty’s cone bras and swirly-twirly hair Cinnabon. But would you rather drape her in country-club chintz, and keep your image of Don’s driven-to-distraction ’60s housewife intact?

What do you think of other buttoned-down starlets gone PG-13 for glossy magazines, like Jessica Biel in the now-defunct Gear back in her papa-don’t-preach 7th Heaven days, or Gretchen Mol in Vanity Fair‘s infamous “is there a chill in here or is it just my nipples” shot heard ’round the world?

Are they just part and parcel of this business we call show, or does it reduce beautiful, accomplished women to the mere circumference of their cup size?

Photo Credit: GQ

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