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Tobias Fünke name-checked in press release: 'I just blue myself'

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tobias_funkeTonight’s Time Warp on Discovery Channel (10 p.m. ET) will feature the Blue Man Group! That sounds fun, but check this out: Arrested Development‘s Tobias Fünke got HIS OWN PARAGRAPH in the press release:

Discovery Channel’s TIME WARP team meets the otherworldly Blue Man Group and explores the science of propellers, fluid dynamics and violent chemical reactions – without verbal reaction from the Blue Men, of course. Then, TIME WARP shows us some of the clips most requested by our viewers — all in super slow-motion.

No one has been this excited to work with the Blue Men since Tobias Fünke.

Ha! No explanation! Boy, this Fünke is all anyone’s ever talking about! Discovery Channel deserves a pat on the back from Buster Bluth’s prosthetic hand for this. Just thought you should know.