October 17, 2009 at 01:33 PM EDT

PR fans, I really wish I could offer you a different guest on this episode of Project Runway Talk — perhaps someone whose name rhymes with … oh, I don’t know … Schmistopher or Schmogan? It is criminal that the petite gal from Texas and not — eh-hem — someone else had to sit on our couch yesterday morning and talk about how on earth she was ousted this early. That said, Shirin was the perfect guest. She was gracious, funny, lively, and Dalton and I had a blast meeting her. If you’re curious about what she thinks of Irina (hint: not an act), getting critiqued by Tim Gunn, and her future in upscale witch costumes, click on the video below. And look out for a special appearance from the Half-Breed herself!

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