October 16, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Fawlty Towers

TV Show
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John Cleese, Connie Booth, Andrew Sachs, Prunella Scales

1. Fresh inside scoop
The creator/star recorded new commentaries for all 12 episodes of his ’70s cult classic. ”It was great fun,” he says. ”There are at least two I hadn’t seen since I [did] them.”

2. A documentary about Torquay
The collection boasts a guide to the British town where Towers is set. ”I’m regarded with affection there,” Cleese reveals. ”There was a move to put up a statue of me. Then I discovered I was supposed to fund the cost.”

3. Cleese has bills to pay
The comedian recently split from his third wife, and ”we hope DVD sales will help with the alimony situation,” he laughs.

4. It’ll annoy the rest of Monty Python
Cleese admits there has often been ”a thriving rivalry” among members of the legendary comic troupe when it comes to solo projects. The exception? Michael Palin’s ”dreadfully boring travel shows. None of us would contemplate doing something as tedious as that.”

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