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'Mad Men' suits to be sold at Brooks Brothers (or, Hey Mom, here's my holiday wish list!)

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Mad-Men-slattery-draper_lAMC just announced that Brooks Brothers is going to start selling a Mad Men Edition suit, inspired by the “razor sharp 1960s tailoring favored by Don Draper and Roger Sterling.” Read: trim silhouette, grey sharkskin fabric, narrow two-button lapels, and diagonal pockets. Hot, hot, hot! Um, swoon. So, now instead of just dreaming about Don Draper, I can actually look like him, too? Score.

I mean, you can already get a suit that sort of echoes those the cats on Mad Men wear (I would wear nothing but…). Sure, but this one is official and even approved by the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant. Give me that, a cigarette, and a glass of… Oh, wait, this is a family publication. Nevermind. No, but seriously, it seems to be just in time for Halloween, right? Well, not really: The suit comes with a Brooks Brothers price tag—that’d be $998. But, I suppose $998 is a small price to pay for a whole lotta class.

The suit will be available until the show’s finale on Nov. 8, when it’ll be gone forever … again? (Mom: Can you please take note? I know you wanted my Christmas wish list. Well, here you go.)

Will you buy? Will you at least stop into a Brooks Brothers to see what it feels like to resemble Don Draper for a few minutes?

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