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'Community' Halloween episode preview: Chevy Chase as The Beastmaster!

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As someone who keeps The Beastmaster special edition DVD in her office — and still gets goosebumps thinking about that bonus feature in which Marc Singer talks about the moment he learned he’d be rescued by ferrets — I cannot wait for Community‘s Oct. 29 Halloween episode. From the behind-the-scenes video below, we now know that Chevy Chase’s Pierce dresses up as The Beastmaster; Danny Pudi’s Abed, Batman (awesome impersonation); Yvette Nicole Brown’s Shirley, Harry Potter (allegedly); Donald Glover’s Troy, Eddie Murphy; Ken Jeong’s Señor Chang, a matador; Gillian Jacobs’ Britta, a squirrel; and Alison Brie’s Annie, one of The Karate Kid‘s Cobra Kai at the school dance (?). Presumably, Joel McHale’s Jeff is too cool to dress up in costume. Though I suspect we’ll see him in something special by the end of the episode. Guesses? Does this look like it will join the ranks of TV’s classic Halloween episodes? What’s on that list?

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