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'Robsessed' documentary: More interested in Pattinson or his fans?

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robsessed_lI think we can all agree that Robsessed is a great title for a documentary about the Robert Pattinson phenomena. But my enthusiasm waned when I saw the art for the DVD, which is expected to hit shelves next month in time for the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. It’s not the slightly shell-shocked image of Pattinson: That amuses me. It’s the tag line: “Inside the life of Robert Pattinson.” According to a rep for the release, the documentary features people Pattinson’s worked with talking about his life, as well as “industry commentators” and “a couple of diehard fans.” Not the ratio I was hoping for. At this point — i.e. post-GQ cover story read along — I’m much more interested in the fans who consider themselves “Robsessed” than Rob. I want to go inside their lives. How does a man who’s given them only a few hours of entertainment come to fill their lives 24/7? How, in the age of the Web, when there’s constant updates on Pattinson, do they handle a day when there’s (gulp) silence? How do they decide they’re going to travel to a different city to try to catch a glimpse of him on set?

Contrary to the number of blog posts I write, I am not Robsessed. But I can tell you that any time I see a link on Twitter to a fan’s story of meeting True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard in Shreveport, where he’s filming Straw Dogs, I click on it. Yes, I’m curious as to whether the shirt he’ll be wearing in the accompanying picture is sleeveless or sheer (either is acceptable), but I’m even more eager to know what lie the fan told to an employee or family member to hide the real reason for her trip; how she determined the best time and location for a possible sighting; why she chose a particular outfit or opening line; who she dragged along with her and what directives that person was given. It’s like watching a TV show with great sexual tension — all about the build up.

Are you with me?