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Jude Law in drag and other fashion fun from Sally Potter

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Director Sally Potter (Orlando) is offering her latest film, Rage, free online in seven episodes at Babelgum starting today. The story follows a student filmmaker documenting the players in New York’s fashion world, who become rocked by a questionable death. The impressive cast includes Judi Dench as a fashion critic, Steve Buscemi as a photographer, Eddie Izzard as a mogul, Dianne Weist as a fashion house manager, and John Leguizamo as a bodyguard.

Annoyingly gorgeous model-turned-actress Lily Cole plays a model with the ridiculous moniker of Lettuce Leaf, and she has episode one’s best line: “In order to be big, you have to be little.” If all that’s not enough to draw you in, you must tune in just to see Jude Law in drag playing a supermodel named Minx (complete with crazy Russian accent).

You can view the entire 18-minute first episode here, and subsequent episodes will be released on Mondays and Thursdays. To whet your appetite check out Jude Law in his leather bustier:

Jude in his wig: hot or not? Is it cool or annoying to watch a film in seven episodes?