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Emerging 'Mad Men' character of the Week: Allison the secretary

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mad_men_allison_secretaryI don’t want to spoil anything before you watch the episode yourself and head over to Karen Valby’s TV Watch for your in-depth Mad Men analysis needs…but I don’t think it gives anything away to call your attention to my new obsession: Don Draper’s secretary, Allison. Look at the immaculate “Bitch, please” face she threw him after he all-importantly asked her to hold his calls while he met with Connie Hilton. YES. He needs a steno pool minion with some sass! More faces please.

Does Allison’s “Bitch, please” face rival ice queen Betty’s? Whoa.

Let us know your favorite moments from Mad Men and the rest of Sunday night shows in the comments or on Twitter, and they could be used in this Friday’s Sound Bites video.