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'Weekend Update Thursday': Seth and Amy! Really!

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Last night kicked off the Weeked Update: Thursday editions, which will run until 30 Rock rejoins the line-up Oct. 15. The inevitable Joe Wilson sketch was pretty funny — Will Forte’s panic-face is a total treasure — but I think the writers overestimated our appetite for political impressions: Jimmy Carter, Michael Steele, and James Carville?

Still, the plain-old Weekend Update one-liners were dead-on (“Also Whitney Houston’s drug? Drugs.”), and as always, the “Really?! with Seth and Amy” was the highlight. “No one is impressed when you take your stance against 19-year-old girls, tiny Asian ladies, or the first black president,” Poehler admonished.

I can’t not mention these two wardrobe things: One, maybe I’ve seen Broadcast News too many times (is there such a thing?!), but Seth: Pull down your jacket in the back! Argh, the bunching. And two, at the very end when Seth and Amy stood up, he was wearing khakis and she was wearing jeans. Heeee.

PopWatchers, what did you think of Weekend Update Thursday?