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Adventures in 'Celebrity Jeopardy': What is, Get a clue, Wolf Blizter?

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Andy Richter killed on Celebrity Jeopardy, but uh, Wolf Blitzer? Wolf Blitzer did not kill at all. He misidentified a picture of a bowl of pasta as fettuccine (it was mostaccioli, which looks really really different), said “Julia Childs” instead of Julia Child, and then things took a turn for the even-worse.

In the E Times 3 category — where all the words have three Es — Wolf had a few choice answers:

  • Answer: King David and Jesus both hailed from this town.

    Wolf: What is Jerusalem? (“O little town of Jerusalem…” Come on, dude.)

  • Answer: An accused person in court, along with his counsel

    Wolf: What is a defendant? (One E too few, Wolf. Try defense.)

  • Answer: Selected some material from a larger work

    Wolf: Annotated. (He didn’t even have the “what is” in there. And that’s not what annotated means, and it only has one E. So, three-fer.)

Finally, to the clue “The 1850s saw a bad one of this 5-letter word that refers to an economic crash and the fear-driven rush to sell,” Wolf responded, “What is a crash?” This, friends, is how you wind up $4,600 in the red at the beginning of Final Jeopardy.

PopWatchers, this would bug me less if he seemed like he was being a good sport about it, but man, he’s all grumpystiltstkin up in there. On a scale of Fake Burt Reynolds to Fake Sean Connery, where do you rank Blitzer’s performance?