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Demented Daddy Dexter is raising his eyebrows at you, baby

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Every time I watch Showtime’s stop-motion-animated promo for the fourth season of Dexter, Septembter 27 seems a bit closer than it did before. Technically, I suppose it is. I’d like to think I’m not alone. COMPLETELY ALONE. Whatever. Press play for a boppy alternative to this other official season 4 promo featuring real humans. (The song used below — The Polyamorous Affair’s “Private Life” — has the perfect “haunting/Miami” vibe for this, right?)

Love the burger. And the wriggling plastic-wrapped victim at 1:03 calls to mind delicious, liver-tinged memories of America’s Next Top Doll‘s infamous “Organ Grinder” pho-toh shoot. I strongly suspect that the evil genius behind Demented Daddy Dexter is a fan of EW.com.

How are you whittling away the hours before Sept. 27’s premiere? Yes, I did mean to say “whittle.” How is your knife doing?