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The Emmys this weekend: What show will win Best Comedy? Let's all guess

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The Emmys are this Sunday, so each day this week, I’ll make a prediction about who will win/who should win in some major categories. Today: Best comedy series.

Of the seven nominees — 30 Rock, The Office, Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy, Weeds, and Flight of the Conchords — I’d say that the shocker of the night would be if Family Guy won (because it’s extremely rare for an animated show to put itself in this category, let alone win). And the odds favor 30 Rock.

But I’d also say that there’s a dark horse in this race: This could be How I Met Your Mother‘s breakthrough year with Emmy voters.

So rather than Will Win/Should Win picks today, I’ll do a Will Win/Could Win:

Could win: How I Met Your Mother

Will win: 30 Rock

What do you think? Who’ll win, and why?