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Richard Blais of 'Top Chef' cooks with Coke...yummy or gross?

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I’m so Southern that when my mother was recuperating from heart surgery, someone brought us a casserole comprised of pineapple, butter, Ritz crackers, and cheddar cheese. Yes, I ate it – surprisingly tasty, if artery clogging. But the news that industry experts like Top Chef’s Richard Blais will be “sharing signature recipes” featuring Coke products just turns my stomach. I guess another Coca-Cola cooker, Paula Deen, once put a block of Velveeta into chocolate fudge, so I shouldn’t be surprised. But for me, the only acceptable second ingredient for a Coca-Cola recipe is Jack Daniels.

Am I being a food snob? Would you cook with Coke? What unlikely ingredient would you like to see the culinary wizards forced to use? While you mull that over, check the video below, where the adventurous Mr. Blais makes “popcorncicles” using a “very modern technique” involving liquid nitrogen.